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Ideal Garment & Scientific Panty is your source for clothing you can wear. Garments to embrace every size and shape; lovely, completely comfortable stuff to wear for every occasion. You can buy things here online, or you can make your own clothes. We don't care. We just want you to be dressed and happy so you can go do what you have to do.

It is not so difficult. You see, this is all a grand experiment to see what clothing really needs to be, to reduce it to necessity and then see what cries out to be added to make a garment palatable to modern taste, to suit the demands of the contemporary world and workplace. Turns out, the experiment did not need to be grand. Clothing is incredibly simple. The lines are mostly straight and where you would expect them to be. The body underneath offers form, and people themselves are interesting and complicated. And surely more able to be their intriguing selves when they are wearing clothing that does not disturb them in any way. Ideal garments.

That is what we think, anyway. That the person inside the clothing is the object of interest. Clothing should complement and stand up to the demands of the human inside and the world around them, but it doesn't need to stand on its own. It doesn't need to impress others or make friends of its own. No. It just needs to be great. It needs to flatter and console the person inside, to protect and present that person gracefully and appropriately without hindering movement or thought or adventure. OK, sometimes clothing can be interesting. Fabulous even. We do that too. And we especially like to make clothing to accomodate all kinds of special needs, including medical, physical, emotional, spiritual, romantical, ceremonial, professional, intellectual, theatrical, holiday costume-ical, and any other kind of special need you can come up with.

You will be astonished at how easy it is to be dressed marvelously. You can order ideal garments from us, but it is much better and easier to make your own. Forego the drab and increasingly depressing chore of combing the mall shops for something you can simply wear and be happy in. Why should it be difficult to have a useful and elegant skirt or pair of pants? Why should a winter coat be cumbersome or restrictive or unlovely rather than warm, delightful and machine-washable? Why can't underwear do what underwear is supposed to do and not what it is not supposed to do? And why shouldn't a festive outfit be as comfortable as pajamas?

Why indeed. We set out to see what could be done, and it wasn't that hard. Come inside and see.

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